FIACM Partnership Program


What is an FIACM Partner?

  • A loyal friend of Faith In Action Ministries International
  • A devoted intercessor who consistently prays with us and for us
  • A monetarily supportive donor who stands with us on a monthly basis
  • A learning and growing disciple of Christ who faithfully applies the teaching of God’s Word

Why should I become an FIACM Partner?

Simply stated . . . because we can’t do it alone.

For just a moment, stop and recall how valuable partnerships were in biblical times: Moses and Aaron led a nation out of slavery; Ruth and Naomi showed what loyal love can do; Jonathan and David proved that righteous friendship is thicker than blood; Paul and Timothy and a handful of other committed men and women began to build Christ’s church against enormous pressure from without.

God uses partners to do what no person alone can do, no matter how gifted.

What does my participation as an FIA Partner do?

  • Links arms with FIACM, assuring the ministry that we’re not alone
  • Surrounds us with protection from the Adversary
  • Enables us to spread the message of truth worldwide
  • Frees us to think and plan creatively as we face the challenges of an ever-changing culture

What do I receive for becoming an FIACM Partner?

We want to recognize your commitment in a real and tangible way. Your monthly donations allow us to provide some meaningful benefits back to you.

  • Gift items and ministry tools specially selected by Bishop Russell to thank you for your valued membership.
  • Prayer and support from FIA.
  • Exclusive access to audio/video content for viewing and/or downloading from the website.
  • FREE subscription to our magazine “ONE”
  • Every month, an exclusive discount code for 10% off anything in our online store!
  • Special access to all ministry events!

How can I become an FIACM Partner today?

Complete the form below to receive more information on how to become an FIACM Partner. 
All donations are tax deductible